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It just occurs to me that I may have never thanked you for our fishing trip. Shame on me if so. Eddie and Rod were fantastic guides and nice human beings. I will happily recommend you all when the occasion arises and certainly you can use my name for any prospective tourist.. Cordially,



I never realized what all the fuss was about before. As someone who doesn't eat fish and doesn't agree with slaughtering animals, I was so pleased to see that the fish were put back in the water again. A nice relaxing day (good advice about the sun cream) and the whole family had a good time. Thank you for organizing it so efficiently. We will certainly contact you next time.

Mary Creighton

And here is a complete story that we are not happy about, but this is a warts and all page...

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From: carol chamberlain
Subject: 'Fishing through the Window'

My family are coming to Cyprus on saturday for 2 weeks and we all love =
course fishing, i have been looking at your site and would love to fish =
for 1 day, we will be staying at the Pheathon Beach Hotel Paphos.
How do we book it, we would like to book when we get there as are friends =
are coming from a different part of England and not sure how many of them =
want to fish, how much notice do you require.
any thing else you can tell me about this trip please do so.
Many thanks and take care

having trouble getting though any one help

To: "carol chamberlain"
Subject: RE: 'Fishing through the Window'

Dear Carol, 
Many thanks for your enquiry. 
Course Fishing is available Island wide and the costs are:
Limassol area 
One to Four + people C35.00 per adult and C25.00 per child (11 years and under).
All other areas 
Two to three People C40.00 per adult and C30.00 per child (11 years and under).
Four + people C35.00 per adult and C25.00 per child (11 years and under).
These price includes transfers, fishing permits, all fishing equipment, water and a packed lunch. The day starts at approximately 09.00am and you can fish for as long as you want.
All you need to bring are yourselves and some sun cream.
If this sounds of interest to you please let us know how many people, preferred area and your preferred date and we will be happy to arrange this for you. We do need to have a few days notice.
We will also need your full names as they appear on your pass ports and your pass port numbers so that we can arrange your fishing permits for you.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Message Received: Jun 04 2007, 08:14 PM
From: "carol chamberlain"
Subject: RE: 'Fishing through the Window'

  Hi Annelise,

I just thought that i had to email you about the fishing trip that we went on.

We were all so dissapointed especialy the boys we paid good money 140 cyprus pounds and really did expect to catch all day, i went on a fishing match on the sunday we came home and won the match which i received a cup.

I think that you need to find places that you catch as you will lose a lot of business, if we had caught lots i would not have felt i was robbed of 140 but some how i feel that this money was taken from me for nothing in return.

The other 7 people with us must of felt the same.

carol chamberlain 

Subject: Fw: RE: 'Fishing through the Window'

Dear Carol,
Thank you for your e mail which was sent to me, as we investigate complaints in all departments.
Your feedback, which we always appreciate, is important to us in order to improve our service.
I am sorry that you did not enjoy your trip as much as we hope everyone will, and most people do.
I have spoken with your guide for the day and the report I received from him certainly backed up your comment that it was not a good catching day, it was overcast and  nothing in life is guaranteed, especially fishing ,unless of course you were expecting fishery fishing where there are so many fish in a small area that they just fall into your lap, no one can guarantee the performance of the fish, the weather or the fishermen either.
There were 3 other people in your party and 3 other people not in your party, totaling 7, not 7 outside of your party.
On investigation the other 3 people were not as disappointed as you intimate, they had booked a fishing trip , not a shopping trip to the fishmongers. They did catch, but not well at all on that day,  they then went out twice more, and did have a better catch in the next two trips. One would assume had they had any complaints about the trip itself, they would not have gone again. The only negative comments I heard were that the one child was a fidget.
Please note that we offer a day trip including transfers, fishing permits, all fishing equipment, water and a packed lunch.
I am sure that you will agree that your fee was not for fish, but for the things in the list above.  Also included of course is the knowledge of your guide, who in my experience in this department has never had a valid complaint of any nature. The fact that you had a disappointing day was not because of anything that was lacking in the service. The fact that your kids may not have the patience for fishing under difficult circumstances, as randomly throwing the groundbait in the water and taking the line out every 5 minutes with plenty of snagging involved is not conducive to a good catch, even on a good day . : . but maybe better not to blame anyone and say it was just the luck of the day.
You could of course buy the map of the dams (cost 34.00 your own bait by the kilo ranging from 1 pound to 1.50, your license for either 3 named reservoirs or all reservoirs, your transport to whatever dam is open, your fishing equipment and your lunch; to say that you were robbed is a strong, hurtful and obviously inaccurate statement.
To give you an idea of the feedback we have come to expect about the fishing trips we offer, this was the last one we received -

It just occurs to me that I may have never thanked you for our fishing trip. Shame on me if so. Eddie and Rod were fantastic guides and nice human beings. I will happily recommend you all when the occasion arises and certainly you can use my name for any prospective tourist.. Cordially,


I have to conclude that to claim that you received nothing for the day's fee is unfair, as the catching of fish is certainly not guaranteed. Most people catch fish. You had no other complaints about the day, the lunch, the transport, the equipment or the other members of the party and so I can only wish you better luck next time and hope that if you return to Cyprus you will either try one of the farms or give it another go with us, as I hope the disappointment of not actually impaling lots of poor little creatures on hooks did not detract too much from what must otherwise have been a fairly pleasant day.

           Best Wishes
     Armata at PO Box 40218

         Larnaca, Cyprus.
        Tel +357 24 665408
        Fax +357 24 627489


Thanks for your reply, even after i sent a email  twice.

Firstly i did not mean that there was 7 more in my party i meant a total of 7,  4+3

Secondly i had 2 children with me, you say 1 child in the party.  Then you say 2 further down the reply.

We are not getting any where here.


I will put on the Cyprus discussion web site what i thought of the service and  your comments of this email. People ask for fishing places and trips so no way Will give them your company.

We are all good fisher people winning cups and lady matches in this country, your email applied that we were to blame.

Well thanks for nothing.

Mrs chamberlain

A letter from a reader called The Angler1953 wrote to us on the 8th December 2008 commenting on the above:

Mrs. Chamberlain , it's called "fishing"  ...  not "catching" ..if 'we' caught all the time it would get mighty boring.. and i'm sure your 'lady matches' back home have been won , on occasion , by mere ounces at the weigh in. If you were a angler as opposed to a moaner i'm sure your catch rate would improve drastically , even in the now depleted waters of the Cyprus Dams.    Tight Lines...

And just to show that karma and the day may play a part:

I would like to thank you for taking me and my dad fishing we enjoyed every minute of it. Although my dad can't stop going on about the fact that he caught more fish than and that one missed now he felt like a big fish. I can't actually believe that in total over the two days we caught 108 fish. If you set that as a target over the two days at the beginning of the two days then I would of thought that it would be impossible.
To conclude, thank you Eddie for two days of great fishing I really enjoyed myself. My dad, my brother and me would really like to fish for bass next year and would like it if you could take us. You will receive a email from my dad. Best Wishes for the future.

Your feedback here ?

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