Wholefoods in Cyprus


Welcome to the online whole food shop for Cyprus.
If you need health foods or organic produce in Cyprus, you can order it here by form or fax and have it delivered to your home,  just proving that it needn't be inconvenient to eat healthily. If you are coming on holiday and don't want to do without your Himalayan pink crystal salt, organic free range eggs etc order it to be at your destination when you arrive, in advance.

If you wish to order, please use this form  If you have a large order, then you can print the list below mark with amounts or ticks next to the required products and fax it to  00357 -24-627489 or you can cut and paste your ordered items into the spaces on this form and then press submit. There will be a charge for delivery, but the charge depends upon where you live. Alternative delivery can be make using Akis Express or one of the other taxi delivery services, depending upon your location.

Himalayan pink crystal salt - cooking 3.50 Cucumbers 3.85 kg OP0322
Himalayan pink crystal salt - table 3.50 Field Cucumbers OP0505
Ecover range for washing up and washing from 2.95 Aubergine Red OP0601
Virgin coconut oil from 6 - 18 Aubergine Black OP0601A
Organic free range eggs x 6 3.95 Mint OP0109
Organic free range anari   Carrots 2.50 per kg OP0116
  OP0506 Coriander 1.20 bunch OP0100
Swiss Milk  2.85 per litre 3.5% OP0310 Pumpkin OP337
Swiss Milk  2.85 per litre 1.5% OP0111 White Marrow OP0603
  OP0348 Black Marrow OP0603A
  OP0114 Turnip OP0324
  OP0317 Cauliflower OP0325
  OP0112A Cabbage OP0504
  OP0303 Red Cabbage OP0340
  OP0301 Kreatokoloka OP0338
  OP0304 Spring Onions (bunch) OP0103
  OP0302 Onions OP0118
  OP0300 Peas OP0501
  OP0312 Parsley OP0101
  OP0115 Lettuce OP0102
  OP0113 Beans OP0332
  OP0354 Summer Broccoli OP0330
  OP0346 Tomatos OP0321
  OP0314 Tomatoes Cherry OP0321B
  OP0339 Beetroot OP0117
Dried Figs OP0320 Potatoes OP0400
Russian Figs OP0335 Hot Green Pepper OP0602A
Plums OP0319 Green Bell Pepper OP0602
Apricots OP0306 Red / Yellow Pepper OP0345
Meddlers OP0333 Rocca OP0106
Strawberries OP0200 Radishes OP0353
    Celery OP0104
Fresh turmeric   Fresh Corn OP0326
Fresh ginger   Spinach OP0105
Sweet potatoes     French Kidney Beans OP0600
Squash     Fresh Beans OP0606
Mushrooms     Fresh Broad Beans OP0331
      Vine Leaves OP0804
      Bananas OP0350
      Ice Berg lettuce OP0351

If you wish to order, please use the form here. If you have a large order, then you can print and fax either form to  24 - 627489

Go to the rest of the list and the order form here

Copyright Armata
Last revised: March 07, 2018


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